Philip and the Ethiopian

This is the first lesson in our new unit, titled: “The Church Grew.” Believers in the early church were going through hard times and many of them had to leave their homes and scatter to different places, but because the Holy Spirit empowered them in their faith, they did not stop sharing the Good News with others.

In our Bible story, we saw that Philip obeyed God’s voice to go into the desert even though he did not know what God had planned for him to do. Along the way, he met an Ethiopian man who was reading God’s scripture in his chariot, but did not understand anything he was reading. Being empowered by the Holy Spirit, Philip was able to share the gospel to an Ethiopian man in a way he could understand it for the first time–that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and He is alive today! Because of Philip’s immediate obedience, the Ethiopian man was saved and decided to get baptized right away! As believers in Christ, we must be willing to go where the Spirit leads and trust that God can use us (like He did with Philip) to do amazing things for His people and for His glory. Some of our FaithKids Juniors made the craft above to retell the story of Philip and the Ethiopian man. The printable can be found from SundaySchoolZone.

Our key passage from Colossians 1:18 says that Jesus is “the head of the body, the church.” During our Zoom Small Group time, our FaithKids Seniors made a large body outline and drew Jesus at the head of the body, followed by different stories we’ve discussed so far about followers of Christ to fill in the rest of the body. The head of the body is so important because that is where our brain is and it tells the rest of our body where to go and how to move. Without the head, the body would completely fall apart. As Christ’s church–the people who love and follow Jesus–we exist to glorify God. We can glorify God by showing others how amazing God is through sharing His Good News with others and reflecting Him in the way we live.

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