Paul Met Jesus

In this lesson, we talked about how Saul became Paul. Before becoming a Christian, Saul did not believe that Jesus was the Son of God who came to save people from their sins. He hated Christ’s followers and hurt God’s church. The children made a puppet to show what Saul looked like before and then after when God changed him completely from the inside out to become Paul, a newly saved follower of Christ who now loved the church and eventually became one of God’s most faithful missionaries!

During the FaithKids Junior Small Group time, our friends did smash paintings by squirting red, blue, and yellow paint onto their papers, placing a piece of cling wrap on top, and then smashing it with their hands.

When we believe in Jesus, His Holy Spirit changes our hearts completely just like these smash paintings. The blood of Christ covers our sins just like the cling wrap covered the paint and we become new creations. And just as we can’t make the newly mixed colours go back to their original primary colours state, we can have confidence and hope that our salvation–once it has been given to us–can never be taken away. Our old sinful ways of living is gone and the new has come. Our lives are changed forever. “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.”

Another activity some of our friends did was this rainbow scratch art to show how Jesus can be our light in the darkness.

As Saul was traveling along the road to Damascus, he was blinded by Jesus’ bright light. What he did not realize at the time was that before Jesus appeared to Him, Saul had already been blind for a long time–blind to his own sin! Before believing in Jesus, Saul was an enemy of Jesus and His followers. He worked hard to stop people from telling about Jesus and was unable to “see” clearly that what he was doing was hurting God and His church. Paul was “blind” to his sin, but then God used his light to actually open his eyes so that he could see the truth clearly and be changed forever. Jesus is the Light of the World. When we believe in Him, we will no longer be walking blindly in the darkness, but we will have His light, which helps us see clearly. We used the illustration of the caterpillar becoming a butterfly, which goes through a complete transformation through a process called “metamorphosis.” Just like the caterpillars, we can be changed from the inside out too, and become these beautiful butterflies! The awesome thing is that when we change, others will see the change too and be affected by it! They’ll start asking, “Hey! Wasn’t that person a caterpillar before?” and another will look and respond, “Yes…but now they have become a beautiful butterfly. They are no longer the same as they once were before…”

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