New Life in Jesus

God helps us live like Jesus.

Last week, we saw how Paul was saved by Jesus.  Now that he has become a believer, Paul is writing letters to encourage other Christians to live like Jesus.  When we trust in Jesus, God changes us to be like Him.  He adopts us into His family and makes us new!  Jesus calls us to turn away from our old sinful ways of living and live in a way that honours Him.

In our Mission Moment video, we saw people getting baptized all over the world to show their willingness to die to their old ways of sinful living as they went under the water and then start their new life in Jesus as they were lifted out from the water. Our FaithKids Senior friends had an awesome time baptizing their toys under water. Each of them gave their toy a new name and a new life after they were baptized. They put together an incredibly cute story! But first, let’s introduce the characters…

N baptized Snow Leopard from South Korea. Her new name is Snow Bunny and she will be a missionary in her new life.

Snow Bunny has already begun telling people about God since she got baptized.

E baptized Troublemaker from Mexico. Her new name is Sparkle Joy and she will write gospel letters in her new life.

M baptized his 2008 Submarine from the Pacific Ocean. Its new name is 3000 Submarine and it will be used as a pastor submarine in its new life.

L baptized Lily from Mexico. Her new name is Hope and she will play worship music in her new life.

A baptized Dirty Glass from USA. Its new name is Cleany and it will be used to pour holy water for baptisms in its new life.

And this is how their story went…

3000 Submarine will carry Snow Bunny as she travels to different countries spreading the gospel. Sparkle Joy will help from land by writing letters to others about Jesus. Hope will accompany Snow Bunny on 3000 Submarine and play worship music as they evangelize and draw crowds of unbelievers. Snow Bunny will baptize new followers of Jesus using Cleany to pour holy water on them.


….or is it? 🙂 As believers, we get to spend an eternity with Christ!! This is just the beginning of what new life in Jesus will be like. So exciting!!

2 Corinthians 5:17 says: “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” Our FaithKids Juniors enjoyed making salt dough as we talked about how we can be salty on this earth for Jesus. As we were mixing the goopy ingredients together, we recognized that our lives are full of sin and can be very messy…but adding more of Jesus to be our salt (as we added salt to firm up our dough) helps us become new creations, ones that can be moulded to become more like Jesus.

During the week, our friends also made butterfly life cycles to show how we are changed from the inside out when we are given new life in Christ. The old has passed, the new has come…Our elephant toothpaste science activity had an explosive way of showing us how this change in us happens immediately when we repent and believe in Jesus. And just like the elephant toothpaste, it begins to flow out of us so much that others around us see the reaction also. This foam that comes out of us is what we know as the fruit of the Spirit–love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, self-control…our old sinful ways of living are no more and all of a sudden, we have this new and better life in Jesus!

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