Jesus is Better

Jesus is better than anyone and anything!  Jesus is the Son of God.  All the prophets, priests, and kings in the Old Testament were like shadows of God.  They showed little glimpses of what God is like, but not perfectly.  Jesus is the better Prophet, the better Priest, and the better King.

During small group time, we talked about how a prophet’s job was to tell people God’s message.  God used prophets like Moses to bring the Law to His people, but God used Jesus to bring the gospel!  Jesus is the better prophet.   

A priest’s job was to make sacrifices for sin.  They offered sacrifices everyday to pay for all the people’s sin.  But Jesus sacrificed Himself once for all.  Everyone who trusts in Jesus has salvation from sin through His perfect life, death, and resurrection!  Jesus is the better priest.

A king’s job is to make a lot of big, hard decisions to protect and lead people.  Most kings in the Bible did a terrible job, but Jesus leads God’s people perfectly.  Jesus is the better King.

The Seniors learned how to share the gospel using different colours.  Red represents the blood of Jesus, black represents our sin, white represents purity, green represents growth, and yellow represents heaven, which we will one day go to be with Jesus forever.  They made evangelism bracelets and necklaces with each of the beads representing one of those colours and talked about how they could use this to witness to their friends and family.

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