The Hall of Faith

In this session, we compared different kinds of Halls of Fame with the Hall of Faith in the Bible.   The halls of fame celebrated people and things that the world considered best each year.  But God doesn’t look at how good we are at playing hockey or how amazing we are at singing so we can get a grammy. The only thing we need to be in the hall of faith is to have faith!  There is no limit to the number of people who can enter God’s Hall of Faith.  Those who believe in and love Jesus will be commended by Him as they live by faith.

We are encouraged when we read about the people of old who acted on their faith, even though many died before they got to see God’s promises fulfilled.  We can be encouraged by people in our own lives as well when we see their acts of faith.  We decided to make our own hall of faith so that the children could understand a bit more of what faith looks like.  We asked our FaithKids to interview one of their family members to hear their faith stories.  Here are the portraits they drew and some examples of faith that we see in them…

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