Peter Escapes from Prison

Christians were being persecuted everywhere.  Some were put to death, others were driven away from the city, and Peter was captured and put into prison for telling others about Jesus.  While Peter was in prison, the church prayed EARNESTLY for Peter, and God heard their prayer!  God sent an angel to free Peter from prison and a woman named Rhoda was so excited to see him knocking at the door that she ran back to tell the rest of the church without remembering to let Peter inside!  The other believers didn’t believe her at first, but Peter kept knocking, and then they rejoiced when they saw him.

The FaithKids Seniors talked about how prayer is a way of communicating with God and how prayer can also help us grow our faith in God.  Sometimes when we pray, we aren’t sure what to say to God.  Other times, we aren’t sure if God is really listening or if He is even really there.  Some of us aren’t even sure if there is a point in praying because what we pray may not even “work” or “come true” in the way we want it to, so we end up not asking God seriously with faith.  The Bible says that the people who prayed for Peter prayed EARNESTLY, meaning they were very serious about what they were praying for…they weren’t just saying words they thought sounded nice or words that they repeated often from following other people’s prayers, but didn’t understand what they meant….No, the people in the church were very clear and purposeful in what they were praying for.  When we pray earnestly (or seriously) to God, we are acting on faith that God would hear our prayer and that God would act on it.  How did God respond to the people’s prayer?  He listened and he helped free Peter from prison!!

What is most interesting is that after Peter was freed and went to knock on their door, the people did not believe that Peter had escaped!! Did these same people not just pray earnestly to God to help save Peter??  Friends, we need not be discouraged if sometimes we lack faith.  We can ask God and He can help us grow our faith.  And sometimes we can be like the people in the story who earnestly pray, but then not fully believe when God answers it….sometimes we may even think things that work out for us are just coincidence or because we were lucky.  Our God is a god who is alive and working in and through us!  Let us draw near to Him with faith!

Here are some prayers that our FaithKids prayed during this past week…

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