Letters to Church Leaders

We’ve been witnessing a lot of letter writing to encourage other believers in the church, especially during hard times.  Peter even wrote letters while he was in prison.  This week, we see how Paul focuses on writing to church leaders as the early church kept growing and expanding to other cities.  Paul wanted to encourage leaders to stay true to the gospel and to not give up on serving the church during hard times.

During our small group time, the FaithKids Juniors wrote letters to encourage someone in their family, while the FaithKids Seniors watched video testimonies from some of our church leaders to learn more about their roles, how they came to be in this role through God’s calling, and how we could pray for them.  It was such a fruitful time of the children getting to understand who the leaders were in our church and all the things that they do.  The FaithKids Seniors then designed their own postcards and letters to encourage the leaders after hearing their stories.  The Seniors were so excited to send these letters out that some even hand delivered them by having their parents drive to their houses, while others were determined to bike to the local post office and use their own money to pay for the postage to send them out!  In this present day and age where technology is so convenient and communication can be within a click of a mouse or a tap of a finger, how beautiful it was to witness the intentional and determined little feet of our children who were so willing to bring good news and encouragement to bless our leaders! 🙂 🙂

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