The Jerusalem Council

In this lesson, we saw that some of the church leaders were having disagreements in how a person can be saved.  Could a person be saved by faith alone or did they need to do more to be saved?  Because the Gentiles were not born of Jewish descent, some Christians thought that the Gentiles needed to obey the Law of Moses in order to be made right with God.  Paul clarified for the Jerusalem council that whether Jew or Gentile, nobody is saved by the law, but by grace alone, through faith. Salvation is a free gift from God and Jesus is all we need to be saved from our sins.

The FaithKids Juniors played a game that allowed them to earn points in different ways.  Depending on which envelope they chose, they would either have to complete a task to earn a certain number of points, or if they were lucky, they would open an envelope that awarded them free points where they didn’t need to do anything.  We talked about how some challenges were more difficult than others, how some challenges weren’t even possible for some to complete, and how awesome it was whenever we were awarded points for free!  In the same way, we cannot do anything to earn our salvation.  It is a free gift from God where once it is given, it can never be taken away.  Oh how wonderful and freeing it is to know that when we go through challenges where we may fail or fall short, we need not be afraid…because our salvation is not dependent on how good we are at following rules!  It is simply through our faith in Jesus Christ!

The Gospel is for Everyone

Having been given this free gift of salvation where we don't need to do anything to earn for ourselves, how can we not share this Good News? We have been singing the song called "The Gospel is for Everyone" for a while. As we learn about different missionaries God has sent out to build His church and spread His Good News, we are encouraged to see that the Holy Spirit has not stopped working. God's mission to us as Christians to "go therefore and make disciples of all nations" continues from believers like Peter, Paul, and Barnabas whom we read about in the New Testament... to missionaries today like Rob Wilton's family who started a church in Pittsburgh, or the Fasolinos who came to Toronto to minister to the Hispanic community, or William Carey who spent more than 40 years ministering to people in India, baptizing more than 1,400 people and translating the Bible into many local languages that are still being used by the people of India today.

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