Paul’s Second Journey

God called Paul to Macedonia to continue sharing the gospel and Paul obediently went on his second journey with his friend Silas.  Paul and Silas told many people about Jesus and they even cast out evil spirits in the name of Jesus.  This made some people very upset because they felt that Paul and Silas were causing trouble for them.  So they ended up beating Paul and Silas with rods, chained them, and threw them into prison!  Yet instead of being mad at God for sending them on this journey, Paul and Silas prayed and sang hymns to worship God.  How amazing is that?

Our FaithKids Juniors were asked to share their favourite worship song with their small group so that we could sing it together and talk about what the lyrics meant.  See, when Paul and Silas were singing, they weren’t just enjoying the melodies of the songs that they sang…they were worshipping God and lifting up His name during a difficult time when they were in a difficult situation. And as they prayed and sang, the other prisoners were listening to them also…  God responded by sending a mighty earthquake that was so great that it broke free all of their chains!  As a result of their faith and love for the LORD, the prison guard and his whole family ended up becoming believers!  Salvation is a free gift from God to all who believe, to all who hear and receive.  God chose to save many people through Paul and Silas on this second journey, and He continues to save people today through other believers like you and me who are all a part of His same mission.  Our God is mighty and He is able and He is worthy of our praise no matter what situation we are stuck in.

Below is a song that one of our FaithKids Seniors shared and what it meant to him…

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