Paul Gave Hope

What is the Bible about?

The Bible is about God’s plan to save people through Jesus.

Believers will have hope because Jesus will come again…

This session concludes our unit on “A Firm Foundation.”  As we reflect back on all the things we’ve learned in the past four weeks, we see that believers were faced with a lot of false teachings, a lot of opposition, and they needed constant reminders of what the true gospel was about.  Paul acted as that constant reminder by encouraging his friends through letters so that they would be able to endure through hard times without being led astray.  Some people started saying that believers needed to do more than just have faith in order to be saved…that it was necessary especially for the gentiles to follow the laws of Moses.  Paul reminded his friends that we are saved by faith alone and nothing else.  

Some takeaways that our FaithKids Juniors shared in going through this unit are illustrated in the pictures below…

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