Paul Was Arrested

God told Paul to have courage and to keep on telling others about the Good News of Christ.  Paul trusted God and continued to obey Jesus, even when others wanted to hurt him.  The title of this week’s lesson is “Paul Was Arrested.”  Interestingly, this was God’s way of protecting Paul.  If Paul had not been put into prison, other people who didn’t like what he was saying probably could have killed him.  What a strange and interesting way God went about protecting Paul.  How many times in our lives do we go through hard times and not understand why we are in the circumstances we are in, yet our response is to keep on keeping on?  Let us have faith like Paul!  Let us never stop sharing the Good News, no matter what difficulty we face!

Being a Christian doesn’t mean we will live an easy life; it’s about keeping on….it’s about continuing to trust God and continuing to obey Him even when it’s hard.  Paul went through a lot of hardships, but he continued to fight the good faith fight.  He had hope in Jesus because he believed that Jesus gave His life for us so that we do not need to live in sin anymore.  Our sins can be completely forgiven and we can become more like Jesus through a process called SANCTIFICATION, as the Holy Spirit works in each of our hearts to repent, to turn to Jesus, to obey God, and to keep living out the gospel.

In response to what we learned, here is what one of our FaithKids Seniors shared about his faith fight story.

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