Paul Before Rulers

In today’s worship lesson, the FaithKids Juniors learned that Paul preached the gospel to powerful governors and leaders.

Our FaithKids Juniors played an activity called which animal was the strongest! The Juniors were shown a few pictures of animals and said which animal was the strongest. A new friend, Pinkie the Porcupine also joined and encouraged the FaithKids to answer! The Juniors were very excited and brave to answer and talk with Pinkie. 

The Juniors also learned how to apply their knowledge from today’s lesson. They were shown three chains with the colours black, blue and yellow.  The black chain helped the Juniors remember that when Paul was in jail, his situation was scary. Paul was not scared and he even told the governors and kings about Jesus. The blue chain reminded them that Paul was brave and told powerful leaders about Jesus.  The Juniors learned that they could be like Paul and tell the Good News to others. The Juniors came up with ideas of who to tell and how to tell the gospel to others.  Lastly, the gold chain showed the Juniors that Paul will see Jesus. 

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