Brothers in Christ

In this week’s lesson, FaithKids learned that Paul wanted to make peace between his friends. Onesimus was a servant and Philemon was his master. They were very different and had different backgrounds. Paul wanted Philemon to show kindness to Onesimus and treat him like a brother in Christ!

Our Seniors did some exercises to freshen up and played a review game!  The Seniors met a new friend named Inspector Brown. Inspector Brown investigated why Paul asked Philemon to show kindness to Onesimus.  The Seniors were also encouraged to share the gospel with others.   

The Seniors learned that they could invite others to church and tell others about Jesus!  Even though it may be tough and require a lot of courage, the Seniors thought of people they could tell the gospel to. 

The Juniors, on the other hand, did an art activity. They used some paper, pencils, and crayons to draw a self-portrait of themselves.  After they finished, they each took turns showing each other their self portraits.  We discussed how although Jesus is not here right now, He is working in our hearts to make us more like him. We can see this through Paul when he made peace between his friends and we can also see it in our own lives when we look at the way God has changed our hearts to be more like Him.  Perhaps there are times when we don’t listen to our parents…but then the Holy Spirit living inside of us helps us to remember that it is good to honour our parents by obeying them, helping them, and showing respect to them.  Our self-portraits remind us that although we are each made uniquely different, we are also made in the image of God and we are called to be part of a bigger family in Christ Jesus.

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