God Created the World

God created everything from nothing; God created everything good; God created everything on purpose; and God created everything for His glory and our good.

FaithKids used Play-doh to create something (i.e. their favourite animal, place, activity, etc.) and they learned that even though we need something to create something else, God didn’t need anything to create everything.  God spoke and it was created.  
FaithKids played the “ABC” game, where they were challenged to think of two things that had something in common (e.g. “A” could be watermelon and “B” could be strawberry) and the next person had to say what “C” could be (e.g. “C” could be blueberry… as they were all fruits).  We played three rounds of the “ABC” game and FaithKids learned that just like this game had a pattern and each of the items belonged to a broader category, God also created everything in an orderly way with purposeful intent/design.  

This was our first in-person FaithKids Worship and Sun day School time in a while since the pandemic started, and it was such a blessed time of learning, worshipping, and celebration.  Check out some of the awesome creations we made!

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