God Created People

On Day 6 of creation, God made people and He loved them most of all; God made the first man and woman--Adam and Eve--in his own image; People are special because God made us to know and love Him.

We have been learning how God created everything for His glory.  Our key passage comes from Psalm 19:1, which says, “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the expanse proclaims the works of His hand.”  As God’s people, made in His very own image, we exist to bring glory to God.

FaithKids were asked to draw a portrait of their assigned partners.  As we took time to carefully draw as much detail as we could, we realized that our drawings could not even compare with the intricate and detailed ways God made each of us.  We drew images of each other, but our drawings were far from perfect in reflecting the actual person we wanted to display.  In the same way, we reflect glimpses of God’s character because we were made in His image….but we are not perfect reflections of God due to our sin.  The perfect reflection of God can be shown through Jesus, who came down to earth to show us exactly what God is like.  Because Jesus is God, He is the perfect display of God’s glory.

Yet even though we are sinners, we can bear hints of what God is like also!  God made us in His image so that we can be in a special relationship with Him, even though sin broke that relationship.  When we confess that we believe in Jesus, God promises us that our relationship can be restored and we will be lights for Him that reflect His glory.  We will grow to be more like Christ as we read His Word, as we speak His Word, and as we do His Word by living out our faith.  

One way of reflecting God’s glory is by loving His people.  For our Missions Moment this week, we learned about how Missionary Beth Burkhalter found a way to help the Embera women in Columbia make money to take care of their families through initiating the Embera Bead Project.  This was also a way for the Burkhalter family to tell the Embera people about Jesus, as they studied the Word of God together.  Now, the Embera tribe have money that can provide for their daily physical needs and they have Jesus, who has given them a way to eternal life.  In response to learning about the Embera people, each of our FaithKids made a bracelet for someone they wanted to share God’s truth with.  They took time to choose each bead they threaded, and in the end, they willingly gave up their bracelets to someone else who could appreciate the beauty of the bracelet along with the precious message that was shared.

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