Creation Glorifies God

God created all things for His glory and our good!

On September 19th, our FaithKids had a time of show and tell where they each Brough a different object that represented God’s creation.  They took turns to present how their objects are, as we’ve been learning, for our good and show God’s glory.  In the picture above, you can see the unique objects that each of our friends chose to bring.

One of our friends brought a book that talked about finding his name.  He said that it showed God’s glory because God gave him his name and God made him, so he wanted to share it with us.  Another friend brought a tiny wooden star to show how God made His light shine for us and we are called to be lights for Him as well, to show His glory.  A few of our friends brought different gourds to show how even though they look like pumpkins and squashes, you can see how God made each one with its own specific design, size, and shape, with different patterns and bumps all around them.  God is so powerful and limitless that He even created big creatures like dinosaurs!  Even though they are now extinct, we are  still able to learn about them today just by looking at their fossils.  God also designed all kinds of precious stones, and one of our friends shared that he found his on a hike with his family.  God is so amazing that He creates all things big and small, and He cares for His creation because He made all things.

We also explored God’s creation from a different lens–under a microscope. We saw the detailed and careful nature of God’s creation: an onion bulb, broad leaf, apple seed, and goldfish scale.

We closed our time together by making a book mark craft. Faith Kids were invited to use the book marks to remind them everyday about how our God wonderfully and carefully all things – including each of them!

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