Melchizidek Blessed Abraham

This week, FaithKids started their Sunday School lesson with a game called “Foodie Fun” where the kids stood around in a circle (from youngest to oldest).  The first child (youngest) would state their first name and a food item that starts with the same letter as their name (e.g., “Esther Egg”), then the second child would say the first child’s name and food item followed by their own name and food item (e.g., “Esther Egg”, “Noah Nutella”), and so on.  The last child (oldest) would have to repeat everyone’s names and their food items!  The point of the game was to illustrate that there are times when our memory slips, we forget things, and we need reminders 😊.  
We learned in our Bible story that God helped Abraham remember the important promise God had made to him, which was that God promised to give Abraham a large family.  God also promised to give Abraham a special land where his family would live.  Abraham’s family would go on to bless the entire world!  God reminded Abraham several times of His promises. 
God was faithful to Abraham to help Him remember what He had promised.  Everything in the Bible points us to Jesus. That includes our story today. Abraham met Melchizedek, the high priest and king of Salem.  A priest’s job was to speak to God on behalf of the people.  A priest would offer sacrifices as a way of asking God to forgive sin.  A king would protect his people and lead them to fight their enemies.  Melchizedek points us to Jesus, because Jesus is our perfect Priest and King.  Jesus is an even better high priest than Melchizedek.  Jesus didn’t need to offer sacrifices for himself because He was completely without sin.  And to cover our sin, Jesus offered His own life.
FaithKids decorated a yellow crown template, cut along the lines and taped the pieces together to form a king’s crown.  This was to demonstrate the crown of Melchizedek, the priest king in today’s Bible story.  But most importantly, it was to remind us of the ultimate King of kings, Lord of lords and Ruler of all … Jesus Christ – our ultimate Priest and King who has made a way for us to be with God forever. 

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