God Provided Isaac

Abraham showed that he loved and trusted God by being willing to sacrifice his son, Isaac.  God stopped Abraham and provided a ram to die in Isaac’s place.  God showed His great love for us by sacrificing His only Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross in our place so we could have eternal life through Him.
Abraham was asked by God to give up his only son, Isaac, whom he loved very much. FaithKids were asked what they would find very hard to give up.  They were then challenged to attempt a series of activities such as standing on one foot for a long time or doing 20 jumping jacks.  Failure to complete these challenges would mean having to give up the one thing they said would be hard to give up.  At some point, each child failed at an activity and so, they would have to give up that one thing.  However, the teacher said she would give up bubble tea (her absolute favourite drink) for everyone so that no one would have to give up that one thing they treasure most.  Just like this example, God gave Jesus for us all.
Hebrews 11:1 describes faith as being confident in the things we hope for.  It took Abraham great faith to trust God–that He would keep His promise to Abraham to provide him a family and to bless the whole world through Abraham’s family. FaithKids were asked to share about a time they prayed and God answered.  Many shared encouraging stories of healing and provision.  They were told that sometimes we get what we want and sometimes not, but God says He is number one in our lives.  God is there and He is all we need.  He is in control, so we don’t need to be scared or afraid, but can trust in Him at all times. 

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