God Changed Jacob

This week, FaithKids learned about how God had blessed Jacob by changing his name from Jacob to Israel.  This was to remind Jacob of the Lord’s promise to Abraham and now to him, that through Jacob, the nation of Israel will become the blessing to all nations.  

FaithKids were paired in partners where one person was instructed to change a few things about themselves (i.e., putting a hat on or taking their shoes off, etc.) while the other person closed their eyes until they were allowed to open them to recognize and see what their partner changed about themselves.  

Following this activity, the children made new and improved name tags that were labeled on one side with their given names, and on the other side, they wrote “Child of God.”  FaithKids learned that when we proclaim we are Christians, we are also given a new name like Jacob–“Child of God.”  

As children of God, heirs of the same promise as Abraham and Jacob, we are called to be a blessing to all the earth.  To put this into action, FaithKids have initiated their first “missions project” and are very excited to be doers of the Word, not hearers only.  They watched a series of three videos focusing on three different organizations, each with their own distinct mission.  Then they discussed about how they could fundraise donations to help share and grow God’s Word and His family.  After learning about the different mission organizations, FaithKids lined up to cast their votes one at a time for which organization they wanted to support.

FaithKids' Missions Project Voting Station

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