God Had a Plan for Joseph

This week, FaithKids were reminded that God had a plan for Joseph’s life.  God allowed Joseph to suffer in order to rescue people from all nations so that they would be saved.  The children started their time in Sunday School sitting in a circle to take turns recapping different summary points from the story of Joseph.  Here are some of their responses:

  • Joseph got a multicolour coat
  • Joseph was sold as a slave
  • Joseph was hated by his brothers
  • Joseph had a dream about corn bowing down to him

We discussed that God ultimately was in control over everything that happened in Joseph’s life and had a plan that was good, even when he went through hard times.

They then proceeded to brainstorm ideas for their very first mission project fundraiser!  After tallying up the votes from last week, we realized that the votes were so close that we decided to support two organizations—World Vision and International Justice Mission.  The children were divided into two groups so that they could alternate making announcements to the church each week in preparation for their upcoming fundraisers.  The children came up with a whole list of fundraising ideas, such as a bake sale, drink sale, art sale, bracelet sale, etc.  They were excited to get started right away!

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