God Controls Everything

This Sunday, FaithKids shared examples of when they each experienced a hard time or suffering and we related their experiences back to what Job went through in the Bible.  Job didn’t understand why he was suffering and wondered whether God made a mistake.  Job could not completely understand God’s plans, but he knew he could trust God to be in control.  FaithKids were taught that God is all-powerful, sovereign, and good.  Job was sorry for doubting God.  God gave Job back everything he had lost—and so much more.

FaithKids learned that when they face suffering, they can hope in God even when it doesn’t make sense and even if it is so hard.  God sent Jesus, the only truly innocent One, to suffer and die so that everyone who trusts in Him can have forgiveness and eternal life.  FaithKids talked about how we can celebrate Jesus and His birthday by making Christmas tree ornaments to sell at our upcoming Christmas Parade and Mini Market to raise money that would help rescue children out of slavery and to provide livestock for families or school or medical supplies for children.  

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