God Called Moses

When God called Moses to bring His people out of Egypt, God displayed His great power through a great miracle—a bush on fire that was not burning!  FaithKids watched a series of demonstrations with fire from a candlelight in order to arrive at the scientific properties of fire.  Through these demonstrations, we saw what a fire needs to grow (something made from carbon, oxygen) and what such a reaction produces (carbon dioxide; ash, which contains carbon), gaseous water) and so, we saw that for a bush to be on fire but not to be burning was truly a miracle that only God can do!  This miracle helped Moses to see that God was really there and that God was truly powerful. 

Moses felt that what God was asking him to do was very hard and though he saw God’s power displayed before his very own eyes, he made excuses not to obey.  FaithKids shared some very difficult things they were asked to do like answering a hard test question, jumping from a high height, and taking care of a younger sibling.  We then played a game in which one person in the centre of the circle went around the circle making difficult requests of each kid.  Each child had to come up with an excuse and if he or she couldn’t come up with one, he or she had to come into the centre of the circle to make difficult requests of the other kids.  It was fun coming up with silly excuses.  In the end, we discussed how Moses must have felt when God commanded him to do a very difficult task and concluded that Moses must have been afraid which is why he came up with excuses not to obey.  However, we discussed that Moses did not need to be afraid because God would be with him and God had the power to do all things.  We ended in prayer to be able to remember that God will be with us and is all-powerful whenever God asks us to do something difficult. 

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