God Delivered His People

This Sunday, we saw how God delivered His people from slavery to freedom.  We learned that “exodus” means “exit” or “depart.”  Not only do we see God lead His people to exit out of Egypt through a number of miraculous acts, but we see how God continues to be the mighty deliverer for His people throughout the entire Bible, from beginning to end.  

During Sunday School, the children lined up and drew water one at a time to pour into a basin filled with red paint to reenact God’s first plague–turning the Nile river into blood.  As they talked about the plagues, FaithKids learned that God’s purpose was not only to deliver His people, but also to display His power and show judgment to the Egyptians who refused to humble themselves.  Egypt actually worshipped many false gods–there was a god they believed was in charge of the Nile River, a goddess of fertility that looked like it had the head of a frog, a sun god, gods of livestock, etc. God used each of his plagues to bring down a part of Egypt that was supposed to be protected by the Egyptian gods that they falsely worshipped.  God wanted both His people and the Egyptians to know that false gods have no power over our one true God who made the entire universe!

FaithKids ended their time by making Christmas cards to hand out along with a box of homemade Christmas cookies to thank all of Faith Church for supporting their very first fundraiser.  Just as we learned about God being our mighty deliverer this Sunday, we also rejoiced in how we can support organizations like World Vision and International Justice Mission deliver children from hunger, poverty, slavery, and violence. Let us continue to be a blessing to all the nations.

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