God Gave the Ten Commandments

FaithKids played a game called “Sets of Ten” where a category is provided and each child is required to list/draw ten things that can be included as part of the given category.  For example, if the category is “superheroes,” the child could list/draw ten superheroes (e.g., Spiderman, Superman, Hulk, Dr. Strange, etc.) and the child with the most number of unique item(s) would be determined.  

The game was to demonstrate how God provided a list of 10 commandments that could be categorized by 2 easier-to-remember commands.  Each one of the 10 commandments help us live in a way that honours God. 

The first 4 commandments talk about what it looks like to have a right relationship with God:

1)    Do not have other gods besides Me.

2)    Do not make an idol for yourself.

3)    Do not misuse the name of the Lord your God.

4)    Remember the Sabbath Day (day of rest), to keep it holy.

The last 6 commandments are about what it looks like to have a right relationship with one another:

5)    Honour your father and mother.

6)    Do not murder.

7)    Keep your marriage promises.

8)    Do not steal.

9)    Do not lie.

10) Do not want what belongs to someone else.

God’s commandments shows us what He requires, but since we cannot obey these commandments perfectly (because of our sin), we need Jesus.  When we trust in Jesus, He takes away our sin and gives us His righteousness.  

The short summary of the 10 commandments is this:  Love God (with everything we have) and love others (as we love ourselves).  Each child wrote “Love God” and “Love Others” on a real rock (just as God wrote the 10 commandments on a rock with his finger!) and then drew a cross in the middle to demonstrate that we cannot follow these commandments without Jesus.  FaithKids decorated their rocks and were encouraged to display their rocks at home to remind them of the commands that we are to follow (to show how we love God) and that we need Jesus daily to obey God’s commands for His glory and our good. 

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