The People Worshipped a Golden Calf

Today, our FaithKids learned that even after all God had done for the Israelites, delivering them from slavery and providing for them in the wilderness, the people worshiped an idol in the form of a golden calf.  We learned that just like the Israelites, we also can fall into the sin of idolatry, only our idols may be anyone or anything we might look to over God for true joy, meaning, and hope.  FaithKids were able to name the idols in their lives—iPad, watching TV, playing games, and so on.  As an application activity to remind us of our sin, FaithKids made a golden calf out of paper and paper plates.  It is hard to always remember to turn to God first and not our idols but thanks be to God we have Jesus Christ to help us overcome our idolatry.  As they turned away from their idols and flipped to the other side, they were reminded of God’s command to not worship idols.

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