The People Didn’t Go Into the Land

FaithKids played “Red Light Green Light” where the children stood at opposite ends of the room and the goal was to walk/advance whenever the teacher called “Green Light” and to stop/freeze whenever the teacher would call “Red Light.”  Variations of the game were played with “Blue Light,” indicating for them to hop on one foot and “Yellow Light,” indicating for them to walk in slow motion.  The point of the game was to demonstrate how God had given the Israelites the “Green Light” to walk/advance to the promised land (Canaan), but the Israelites acted as if God gave them the “Red Light,” as they did not obey and did not go into the land that the Lord had promised them in fear of the enemies that were living in Canaan at the time.

FaithKids learned that just as the Israelites feared men rather than trusting God, we also sometimes do the same.  The children took turns sharing about the times when they did not do the “right thing” (e.g., protecting a classmate who was getting bullied, etc.) in fear that they would get hurt, mocked, etc.  FaithKids learned that God is holy, good and loving.  FaithKids discussed what faithful obedience to God looks like for Christians today – sharing the gospel, reading the Bible and praying.

FaithKids watched a mission video on unreached people groups and learned how we could pray and support the gospel being spread to those that have never heard of Jesus.  The children were then given a styrofoam board cut in the shape of a door hanger where they wrote “Quiet Please! I’m praying” on the one side, and “Pray for unreached people” on the other side.  They decorated their door hangers to use at home so they could be regularly reminded to act in faithful obedience to God.

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