Moses Disobeyed God

To introduce the lesson, Faithkids played a game of “follow the leader” by having to follow very specific instructions.  The consequence of not following the instructions perfectly was having to sit out.  In the story in the book of Numbers, God gave very specific instructions to Moses to obtain water for His people.  However, Moses did not follow all the instructions and was very prideful. 
We read Numbers 20:8 and saw God’s instructions to Moses were:
1. Take his staff.
2. Gather the people.
3. Go with Aaron.
4. Tell the rock before everyone to yield its water.
5. Give water to the people and their cattle to drink.
We read in Numbers 20:10 – 11 how Moses did not follow all of God’s instructions.  Moses did the following:
1. Went with Aaron. – Obeyed
2. Gathered the people. – Obeyed
3. Said, “Hear now, you rebels: shall we bring water for you out of this rock?” – Disobeyed
4. Brought his staff. – Obeyed
5. Struck the rock with his staff twice instead of speaking to it. – Disobeyed
6. Gave water to the people and their livestock to drink. – Obeyed
We saw that Moses added an extra step by speaking to the people so pridefully and angrily.  We also saw that Moses struck the rock instead of speaking to it.  Even though Moses disobeyed, God showed mercy by still providing water for His people and their livestock to drink.  Moses, however, faced a great consequence: he would not be allowed to enter into the promised land.  In the new testament, God showed Moses grace by allowing him to stand in the promised land with Jesus during his transfiguration.  All of us have disobeyed God by sinning.  However, God showed us grace by sending His Son Jesus to die on the cross to take the penalty for our sins.  When we trust in Jesus, we can enter into God’s kingdom in eternity. 

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