God Healed the People

Today, FaithKids learned about what it’s like to be messengers of God’s Word and sharing His love in the deepest way possible–that Christ died for us so that we could live.  We discussed how the Israelites began complaining again and did not show gratitude for all the things God had done for them, nor did they trust in His providence.  Even though God is faithful and has provided for His people time and time again, the Israelites still had doubt, they still continued to sin.  Because of their lack of faith and gratitude, God sent snakes to punish them by biting them.  The people were frightened and pleaded with Moses to intervene on behalf of them.  They were sorry for their sin and God–being loving, gracious, good, and merciful–once again made a way for His people.  He told Moses to make a bronze snake and place it on a pole.  Whenever the people looked at the snake, they would be healed.  God wanted His people to trust in Him and repent from their sins.  

FaithKids were given a small activity that consisted of using a magnifying glass and small pieces of paper that each had something very tiny drawn or written on it.  As the children worked together in groups to figure out the hidden messages and drawings, they learned that God is love and that His Word is good.  

The children were then encouraged to take out the items they were asked to bring from home (treats, toiletries, etc.) and were told that they were going to make “trust packages” for unbelieving friends.  Along with their treats, they wrote Bible verses and notes that were filled with messages of God’s love so that they could give these gifts to their classmates or friends that didn’t know about Christ and needed to hear God’s truth.  FaithKids were also given a chance to role play and practice how to share the gospel as they prepared to deliver their packages.  As the lesson came to an end, it was evident that the children were ready to go out and share of the Lord’s goodness and grace!

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