No One is Like God

FaithKids learned about what God is like, that He is a sinless God.  They said that God is holy, good, loving, and kind. They also said that holy means to be set apart and different.  When we are broken, God sets us apart to be holy.  We discussed that no one is like God.  God can make us more like Jesus.  We can trust in Him and live joyfully for Him.  God is different from all of His creation.  God called us to be different too.  He is loving, so He wants us to love one another.  We discussed that Peter reminded the Chrisitans of what God had done for them.  Peter wrote, “Before you trusted in Jesus, you did evil things.”  Jesus gave His life to save us so we could have true life in Him.  Peter’s letter encouraged Christians to live like Jesus.  Today, we remember that God kept His good promise by sending Jesus. We can be holy because of our hope in Jesus. 

FaithKids did two activities.  First, they were instructed to write things about themselves that described who they are.  After sharing what they wrote about themselves, a vase was broken, and they had to try to glue it back to look as though it had never been broken–like it was new again.  This was an impossible task for them.  How could they possibly make the vase new again?

FaithKids were reminded that because of Jesus, we can be made into new creations.  We cannot make ourselves new on our own, we cannot remove our sin on our own and obtain salvation, no matter how hard we try to glue and fix our brokenness.  Only God has the power to do what is impossible for men.  There is no one like Him.  When we are broken, God’s light shines greater than ours.  The breaking of the vase symbolized not only our brokenness, but also all the times we have faced difficult trials and how God has been there for us.  When we trust in Him, He will provide healing and restoration to what has been broken.  He is and will always be with us, and as children of God, we will follow Him. 

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