God Stopped the Jordan River

Today, FaithKids Seniors learned that the Bible is God’s Word that tells us what is true about God and ourselves.  This means that we can trust in the Bible when we read it because it is God’s Word and everything that God says in His Word is true.  We discussed how Joshua led the people and how he was strong and courageous.  God is a God who delivers His people and leads His people.  God went ahead of Joshua and the Israelites into the promised land.  He showed His power to them so they would trust in Him.  When Jesus came to earth, He showed His power so people would trust in Him and be saved from sin.  We can always trust in God no matter what challenges we would stumble upon in life. 

We did two activities: one was building a box as the ark with no talking and using our dominant hands; the other one was carrying the ark with two broomsticks on your knees with your other hand behind you.  Without any communication, this showed how God led them to the promised land and how He was with them at all times.  

Meanwhile, FaithKids Juniors were asked to share a special memory or event that happened in their life that they would want to remember.    Some shared about the birth of a sibling, some shared about a favourite trip they had, and others shared about a time they learned a new skill like skiing.  After sharing and celebrating their memories with the class, they painted rocks in a way that would help them be reminded of that significant event.  The stones in today’s story were set up as memorial stones to help the Israelites remember all how God helped them and led them across the Jordan River.  When we look at our memorial stones, we too can be reminded of the amazing gifts and events God has given to us, and we can celebrate these events by giving praise to God.

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