Barnabas in Antioch

The gospel continued to spread.  Even after Stephen was killed in Jerusalem, it did not stop Jesus’ followers from sharing the Good News.  The Holy Spirit continued to empower God’s people to grow God’s church and encourage other believers who were going through hard times.  In this lesson, we learned how Barnabas went to Antioch …

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Peter and Cornelius

In the Old Testament, God created laws for the Israelits in regards to which foods they could and could not eat.  The animals they were allowed to eat were considered “clean” and those that God said they could not eat were considered “unclean.”  God gave the Israelites these laws in order to set His people …

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Guarding the Truth

Paul wanted people to remember what is true about Jesus. Paul was warning the people that there were false teachers and he was encouraging fellow believers to not stray away, but to remember what is true about Jesus. Some of our friends conducted science experiments to test wind and gravity. For the wind experiment, they …

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New Life in Jesus

God helps us live like Jesus. Last week, we saw how Paul was saved by Jesus.  Now that he has become a believer, Paul is writing letters to encourage other Christians to live like Jesus.  When we trust in Jesus, God changes us to be like Him.  He adopts us into His family and makes …

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