God calls us to be “devoted to one another in love” (Romans 12:10). What does this look like for us today? How can we be the kind of church member who makes a real difference?

This timely and engaging book by Tony Merida explores what church is, why being part of it is exciting, and why it’s worthy of our love and commitment. He sets out eight privileges and responsibilities of a church member.

This is a great book for every churchgoer to read, especially as churches start to meet in person after many months of disruption from Covid-19. Whether you’re new to your local church or have been attending for some time, this book will re-energize you with God’s vision for the local church.

This year, we will be trying something new. There will be a monthly rhythm to the small groups. Sunday Sermon (for all), Saturday SG (Zoom, 8pm), and Friday Prayer Meeting (Zoom, 9pm).

Please register below. Deadline is September 12, 2021.

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