Sunday Kids

1.If you need to switch your scheduled date, please speak with anyone on the list and then please let pastor Sean know about the switch.
2. Most up to date volunteer schedule will be on this web-page for your convenience.
3. Curriculum used are “the gospel project” (older kids) and “praise factory” (younger kids).
4. Also, because different adult volunteers are rotating in and out, it is very important to follow the schedule. As well, to follow the same routine so that the children will have consistency. As a reminder, the following is the timeline.

~1:25pm – LEADER (and ASSISTANT) welcomes the kids
1:30pm – LEADER leads worship (praise, bible lesson, activity, etc.)
2:00pm – Play/Craft time (LEADER organizes or can be free play)
~2:20pm – Ready to be picked up by parents

God bless all of you, adult volunteers. And because of your service, we only need to schedule everyone no more than 6 times in the 6 months timeline. That means, our Faith Kids adult volunteers only miss one main service sermon per month. Praise God. And by the way, don’t forget main service sermons are all posted online.
Junior FaithKids
December 2018
2 Cynthia and Jeremiah
9 Jackie and Michael
16 Nami and Jay
23 Worship Together (No FaithKids)
30 Pam and Sean

Senior FaithKids
December 2018
2 Priscilla
9 Eunice
16 Jessica
23 Worship Together (No FaithKids)
30 Sue